About You

I work with women who are willing to learn why and how their subconscious

shapes their reality today due to past and present events,

situations, and stored traumas. 

And how, in doing so, controls their current thoughts, behaviours and choices.

Could this be you?


Look in the mirror

and say to yourself


I am worthy of love

I deserve all good things

I adapt easily to change

If you can't say these to yourself ...

 you have self-limiting beliefs

We will likely be a good fit if you:
  1. Find yourself in life patterns that are not satisfying even though you are trying your best.

  2. Have looping thoughts about a past or present event, situation, or trauma which is causing suffering in your emotional or physical health. Now ready to resolve the past.

  3. Are Interested in learning how to stop making choices that you regret.

  4. Want to learn why your life is the way it is: why you are the way you are and what drives your thoughts, actions and behaviours.

  5. Are willing to learn how to internalize the personal statement of "my current life situation (both the good and not good) is a result of all the choices I have made in my life thus far". Internalizing this statement means you accept responsibility for your actions and reactions, and you do not blame others for your situation.

  6. Want to learn how to love yourself so you can love others.

  7. Are willing to discover what "living a satisfying life" means to you.

  8. Understand that your life will change only to the extent you are willing to put in the effort to change it.

  9. Are ready to invest the time and energy to heal yourself and create a more satisfying life.

  10. Come prepared to each session:

    • With an open curiosity of what will show up for you that session, and what you are guided to heal the most. 

    • With self compassion and forgiveness as you identify past choices, behaviours, or life situations.

    • Knowing that the process of change can be uncomfortable as we confront and transform our past habits
      and patterns.

      Giving voice to our fears and releasing them empowers us.

Which self-limiting belief resonates with you ?
  • I am not good enough

  • My dreams will never come true

  • I am not worthy

  • My opinion doesn't really matter

  • I am not thin enough

  • I need to be perfect

  • I am not smart

  • I will never get over my loss

  • I am not lovable

  • If people knew the real me they wouldn't like me