Are you feeling stressed and anxious about Covid-19?

Are you concerned about:

* missing work

* your children missing school

*  your finances

* or catching the virus?

Lets reduce your stress quickly

and easily so you can get to sleep and stay asleep all night.


Let's get to the root cause of your anxiety and transform it so 

you aren't worried about the future.

Let's increase your confidence to handle whatever comes at you in these uncertain times. 

Under these special circumstances I am offering a  half price session

of $45 for anyone needing emotional relief related to Covid-19 .

Using  somatic therapy methods such as

Emotional Freedom Techniques (AKA Tapping) and PSYCH-K®

we will calm your nervous system and coach you through the next steps.


Sessions are available during the day, evening, and weekend.

Email me with subject line "half price session please".

And I will get back to you the next day.