Due to Covid -19 all individual sessions and groups are virtual through Zoom.

If you are experiencing high stress

due to the situation

Click here for

a half-price session $45.00

specifically focused on helping

you get through this time.

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If so, I can guide you through this challenging time in your life so you can live with as much joy as you want.  Through individual sessions or group workshops I will teach you coping methods and self empowering techniques that will allow you to quickly move through your current difficulties in a healthy and balanced way.
Together we will get your life to where you want it to be.

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Repressed emotional stress often shows up as depression, 
nxiety, physical pain, disease, or addiction.  

Addiction to food, drink, shopping, or anything that creates the feeling of relief you are craving. 
But, the relief doesn't last for long.

If you can relate to any of these questions...
Welcome to the change you are seeking

Are you one of the many women who struggle silently with on-going stress
related to emotional pain, childhood scars and wounds, or a negative life changing event?
Are you noticing an increase in mood swings, anxiety, physical pain, or mysterious illnesses?

Are there times when you feel caught in an unhappy cycle

like a hamster going around and around in a wheel?


Do you often feel a sense of quiet desperation because you are out of energy,

lacking motivation, and don't know what to do to feel better?


Are you frustrated because you occasionally reach the light at the end of the tunnel
for short periods of time, but fall back into the tunnel again?


Do you find it difficult to stay happy, healthy and balanced even though
you've read self-help books, tried journaling, joined a yoga class, or learned meditation?

Are you eager to become emotionally healthy and balanced?


Are you ready to release the cause of your stress?







It may feel almost impossible right now...

BUT you CAN and WILL get through this stressful time that is
keeping you stuck in an
endless loop. 


With feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, worry, or irritability

and layers of emotions including sadness, fear, regret, or anger.

We will uncover, identify, and understand the stress surrounding the negative events that

are keeping you stuck and causing you to react in emotionally unhealthy ways

such as avoiding your issues, numbing your feelings, or distracting yourself.

Together we will find your new way of living and being, and transform your

negative emotions and beliefs into positive ones.

Even though it sounds simple, it will work.

You can feel good about yourself and your life again when you understand

what triggers your thoughts and behaviours, and why.

You can and will learn how to decrease the physical symptoms that

seem to appear out of nowhere and won't go away.

Symptoms like headaches, sleep issues, aches and pains,

stomach and digestion issues, teeth grinding, or sudden allergies.


You will learn how these symptoms are likely the result of

stress hormones that are continually circulating in your body.

These symptoms can be an important indicator, a red flag

that is revealing the buried emotional issues that need healing.

These symptoms are your body telling you that you are out of balance.

NO matter how hard you have tried to bury or ignore your past painful experiences,
they will always emerge from your subconscious mind
through your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours,
often unexpectedly and certainly in ways you don't want.

The negative and self-limiting beliefs that are carried within you

as a result of past events or situations affect all areas of your life,

especially your relationship with yourself and others.








Because, these reactive behaviours are your conscious way of coping with unresolved issues
that lie in your subconscious. When you get triggered you have a 

stress response in reaction to people,
places or things 
that remind you of the event or situation. 

Your emotions affect your body's physical health,

and your physical body affects your emotional health.

Your mind and body operate as one complete system: a somatic system.

They are intricately connected through nerves, cellular connective tissue,

and electrical connections.


If you want to feel better tomorrow

start making changes today


Many people find it easier to be guided through the healing process by someone

who has a personal understanding and lived experience of emotional scars from childhood traumas, sexual violations, depression, and panic attacks.

I use my training, education, and proven resources to help you heal quickly and easily. 
I will share with you my personal experiences

of how I overcame the stressors from my traumatic events
to begin my own healing journey

I've had a lifetime of quiet desperation, have known the blues and I walk the talk. 

I personally use the methods and techniques I teach 

because they have helped me rise above my past
to become the best
and most authentic person I can be.

I live with joy, and I am in balance. I know you can be too!















I provide opportunities for women to heal emotional and physical pain

from negative events and situations that are keeping them stuck in stress.

Events both past and present, such as sexual and physical violations, childhood trauma,

bullying, broken relationships, accidents, overwhelming diagnosis or illness,

that may cause anxiety or depression from self-limiting beliefs caused by the events.

Beliefs such as:

  • 'I am not lovable'

  • 'I am worthless'

  • 'I always fail'

  • 'I am not good enough'

  • 'I am broken'


I created the Self Discovery Centre to help you understand how

your beliefs cause your emotional and physical pain.

Through Workshops, Sacred Circles, Group Life Coaching or Individual Sessions

I help you transform your self-limiting beliefs and solve the mystery of being you.

Instead of dragging around your painful past,

you are now empowered to create the life and future you want.

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Is this you?

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Have you experienced negative life events that have wounded you emotionally or physically?


Do you silently struggle with mild depression, anxiety, and mysterious physical symptoms and want to be balanced, healed, and live in your authentic self without prescription medication?

Stressed Woman

Are you ready to release the looping memories and triggers of your past traumatic events?  Events related to a sexual violation, physical assault, or childhood trauma.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 women have experienced a sexual assault and of those, 1 in 5 incidents include physical assault.

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Past emotional, sexual  or physical


Are you anxious and fearful about an upcoming medical or dental procedure, or an operation? 


Have you received a diagnosis
that is overwhelming?

Do you want to calm yourself to reduce pain and heal faster?

Click here

Medical procedure

or overwhelming diagnosis


Are you ready to feel better tomorrow, and everyday after?


Together we identify the root causes of your stress.

Through Somatic and Energy Psychology techniques that are personalized

to your unique needs such as Psych-K®, Emotional Freedom Techniques,

Sacred Intuition Visualization, and Experiential Activities we remove and transform

the underlying self-limiting thoughts and beliefs
that are causing your stress and difficulties. 

Then, with your subconscious mind and beliefs aligned with, and supporting

your conscious thoughts and decisions, together we create

a new road map and plan for your life. 

Together we keep you focused on your path
to a happier, healthier stress-free life.

You will rise each morning and get out of bed feeling empowered

instead of dreading another pain filled and unfulfilling day.


If you cannot remember the last time you felt balanced and

satisfied with your life then please connect with me for a chat

to find out if we are a good fit to work together.