From being born to parents with mental health disorders, and attending 8 different schools before moving on her own at the beginning of grade 12, then living with chronic autoimmune disorder and low-grade depression for most of her life she was finally diagnosed age 42 (in 2007) with a genetic rare blood disorder requiring an IV twice weekly. When allopathic doctors could not provide answers to her chronic physical conditions and naturopathic remedies only partially helped, and traditional counselling became too expensive she looked to her own knowledge of the mind-body connection and applied her psychological education and human resource training and figured out that her physical issues had roots in her many emotional traumas. She began her quest to self heal and studied and applied the teachings of (list people). Through energy psychology and learned powerful mind-body techniques to heal herself and 
 change her life completely. Dianna lives the mind/body healing paradigm as she healed her emotional pain and reversed the genetic disorder.

From a near death experience as a young girl that healed her failing heart, to later overcoming infertility and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia through naturopathic medicine, Razi has lived the mind/body healing paradigm. Her projects uniquely capture the tradition and philosophy of naturopathy: The healing power of nature, the vital life force in every living thing and the undeniable role that science and mind/body medicine have in creating health and overcoming dis-ease.

Self-Limiting =

" preventing the development or expression of the self."

Prior to booking a time I encourage you to watch this video to learn my mission, vision, values, life principles and teaching/coaching style.I only work with women who are ready to move forward and I am honored everytime I do so.

However off course you might feel, however stuck or blocked, however isolated and lacking support, or whatever stage of life you are at or in, the current circumstance you are navigating (dr clair zammit)....

will come to end at some point. By choosing to respond instead of react you will feel more in control of when it ends.

I know its not too late to become who you are meant to be.

The process :
  1. Why are you here? What is happening in your life that is emotionally painful?
    Summary of the emotional pain that is happening for you right now.
  2. Identify the underlying traumatic event, memory, or on-going situation.  We will have
    a two minute summary and not go deep so as to 
    not re-traumatize you or allow you
    to fall
     into victim mode. 
  3. Identify any physical issues such as sensations or pain that happened right after
    the event or trauma or are happening now. And i
    dentify self-limiting beliefs that
    arose from the event or trauma.
  4. Instead of the emotional pain, what do you want to do/be/have instead?
  5. Use somatic therapy to quickly release and transform the painful emotions, memories,
     and self-limiting beliefs along with any physical pain. 
    Replace the emotional pain with wisdom
    and self-empowering knowledge
  6. Identify how your prior emotional pain, self-limiting beliefs, and physical symptoms may have manifested in your life in other ways such as repeating life patterns, habits, or behaviours. Release and transform those.
  7. Learn about all facets of yourself and how to reflect on all areas of your life (infinite living and the art of self reflection) to discover where you want to make changes - this is highly individualized.
  8. Create a plan to make those changes (with accountability and with either individual or community support) to live an empowered instead of painful/pain filled life.

Keep Your Beliefs Positive Because ...


Your beliefs become your thoughts

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny

~ Mahatma Gandhi

In Canada, 30% of people aged 35 to 54 report most days are "extremely stressful"


I empower women to heal their emotional and physical pain

from past and present negative events and situations that are keeping them stuck in stress.

Traumatic =

"emotionally disturbing or distressing "

To make quick yet long lasting changes a person needs to choose where they want to be, then download that information to their subconscious and over ride or remove the existing self limiting belief, and have the new vision/information become a positive emotional/thougaht/physical habit that is constantly reinforced through self reflection. Because having an AHA moment is only the spark of understanding - its the constant self reflection that incorporates that understanding from a new perspective and through new behaviours is what makes change happens. It is the subconsiouse mind that is needed to make changes because it is home to your beliefs, values, and attitudes that have formed from birth until now as a result of the environment you grew up in and how you perceived that your nature plus the nuture. Research now shows that at least 95% of our current behaviours are driven from our subconscious and only 5% is actually our free will - where we feel free to make choices in the moment. The rest of the time we are operating from preconceived notions that were learned in our early life stages and perpectuated over time. So the decisions and choices we currently make are not conscious but, subconscious and out of habit of thinking and behaving. So the key is to remove self limiting habits (ie: I am not worthy, I am not lovable, I cannot handle money, I am not valuable) and replacing with life affirming . The subconscious takes in information in multiple ways but usually a pjysiological connector because its main job is to run the body (digesting, muscle movement, blinking, heart beating, circulation, breathing - all things that we don't usually consciously pay attention to unless we no longer can say, in the case of breaking a bone ) in the backgroudn. So it pays attention to anything that is happening physically and is a very powerful processor. But it is behind the scenes and it is busy digesting your cup of tea while the conscious mind is reading the self help books and trying to figure out why your life is not changing the way you want it to.


The subconsious intelligence is from an accumulation over time from experiences - either that you directly have or that others inform you about. Through an experience you draw a conclusion, from the conclusion you draw a perspective and a belief, and from that perspective and belief you drive the next choice in your life. So any of your choices are primarily made from a conclusion or belief or perspective that you have drawn from at an earlier point in your life - it kinda repeats what it has heard or felt without other input and is often knee jerk ...which is where most people make their decsions and choices from because it is habit. Inser example of candle or relationship trauama.... so if as a young child you were bitten by a dog, forever more until you release that trauma from your body, your subconsious will always be wary or scared of dogs. The subconscious is doing this out of a survival mode because it is protecting your body from danger.

Of course if your habits are healthy then its a great intelligence to draw on anc ahnces are high that your life is going really well, But if like the majority of people, some early experiences had us form habits and choices that cause us to say "how did I end up here again?" "why did this relationship end up like the last one even though I thought it was going to be different" or " why can't I save money even though I work hard?" "why am I sick again?".

Until we understand that our default pattern and route is based on the 95% repeated behaviour pattern we live each day because our subconscious is driving our automatic behaviours, we will not be able to effectively change long term. Therefore for most people their subconscious habits determine there destiny. So the solution is to re-write any subconsious habits that are not serving us well. 

So change your habits to change your perceptions no matter how long you have had them or how traumatically they are "ingrained" in you. 

you need to change the definition of the perception of the idea it de-traumatizes and de-links from the automatic behaviour that you had in the past that haunts you now - and once you re-perceive it  and change the perspective of the event or series of events then your will make a different and clear choice that is made from free will and more logical.

Discover how your early childhood environment and programming has influenced your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours. 

Perception =

"how we

understand or interpret something

presented to us"

Pleasure =

"a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. "

Habit =

"a settled or regular tendency, practice or behaviour, especially one that is hard to give up



Feeling like its a different day but the same story?


Emotional pain example

Samantha's story -

Emotional pain that has surfaced recently :

Her emotions are roller coasting and she feels anxiety when getting a baby sitter for her two children (daughter 8 and son 5). She is also noticing herself becoming over protective of her daughter.

Background information is that Samantha was sexually assaulted by a babysitter when she was 9 but never told anyone because the offender said no one would believe her and that she would get into trouble for lying.

1 - Underlying Issue: The unresolved feelings/emotions and trauma from the sexual assault are re-surfacing now that Samantha's daughter is approaching the age when her assault happened.

When Samantha thinks about hiring a babysitter her emotions go into overwhelm as memories come back. Even though she tries to rationalize them in her conscious mind/thoughts, with each memory her subconscious mind activates flight/freeze response which increases her stress and fear. Her emotions of shame, confusion, powerlessness and fear rise and she is unable to stop them.

2 - Physical symptoms that she can remember experiencing after the traumatic event are headaches, stomach aches, and she started grinding her teeth which now causes her jaw pain.

3 - 

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I help women who are stressed, unhappy and dissatisfied

with their lives and themselves

and want to change but don't know how.

I guide you through a process of self discovery so you can

uncover your happiness and learn how to create the life you want.


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