One on One Sessions

Individual Session

 via internet 

 or phone


(Effective April 2020 this is the only option)

Neat Computer Desk


A safe and private ninety minute session for you to connect with me from wherever you happen to be in the world.

We connect via the secure Zoom platform where I lock our session once started. Virtual connection works best if you have good internet as well as camera and microphone (computer or cell), plus the ability to shut your door and leave your outside world on the other side.

Please read the box to the right 'Individual Session in person'  for a brief description of a typical session.

We can also meet via telephone if you are in Canada.

Please email with questions and we can set a time to chat.



Each session is 90 minutes (in-person or virtual).

Minimum first time booking is 3 sessions.

  • Three sessions $270
    ($95 per session)


  • Package of five sessions $425
    ($85 per session)

If you are traveling from out of town please contact me to consider booking two sessions back to back - not available effective April 2020.

Coaching packages for three and six months have rates that vary depending on how often we meet (weekly or bi-weekly) plus how much contact in between sessions. Please email with questions or schedule a conversation.

I am frequently asked why my rates are low as compared to other practitioners:

  • I have minimal overhead costs.

  • I aim to be financially accessible.

  • I do not have a registration number and not part of an Employment Assistance Plan (EAP) therefore you will not be reimbursed by your health insurance company.
    Although this may be disappointing, please understand that it means I do not have inflated insurance standard rates.


Just like an iceberg

which hides 90% of its mass, your subconscious mind hides 90% of where your emotional pain comes from. Most people have many issues that are hidden and buried in subconscious blind spots. You can't change a behaviour if you can't see it. 


Healing your pain and moving towards a satisfying and happy life takes time and effort. The more energy you put in, the more healing you receive and ultimately the more relief you feel.


You might ask "How much time is needed?"


My questions to you are:

How quickly do you want to work through whatever is blocking you and causing you stress?

How much effort is your health and happiness

worth to you?


How long are you willing to continue feeling unhappy?

Remember that each day you are unhappy

is one less day you are happy.

"Thank you for helping and teaching me so much along this journey"

~ A.J. 

"It's always a magical thing when we do this work, thank you"

~ C.B. 

Individual Session

 in person

(currently not available until Health Department advises)

Tea Time

A safe and private seventy five minutes for you to leave your outside world and step into yourself for understanding and healing.

Each session begins with a cup of tea and a brief somatic (body and mind) grounding visualization that reduces your stress, re-connects your body and mind, and optimizes clarity for the session.


This is your committed time to focus on what is going wrong in your life right now, learn why, identify what needs to change, and then re-balance yourself and eliminate any negativity that arises. 


Physical pain can be an important guide for us. We will uncover the specific beliefs from the past or present event, situation, or trauma that are at the root of your pain. We will summarize the issues that we uncover and take steps to relieve the emotional and physical pain attached to them.


As we move through the session you will experience relief as we identify and transform your harmful beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.


​Often the roots of self-limiting beliefs are surprising - for example:

     · I am not lovable the way I am

     · I am afraid to be alone

     · I don't deserve happiness

     · I don't trust my decisions and they always

        turn out to be wrong.

     · I'm not good enough no matter how hard I try


​These can be transformed into:

     · I AM lovable just the way I am 

     · It is SAFE and pleasant for me to be alone

     · I DESERVE happiness in all areas of my life

     · I TRUST in and am confident in all my decisions

     · I AM good enough


​In each session we will address issues and remove self-limiting beliefs as they arise - until there are none left – so you can confidently handle any challenges that come your way. 

With your new and easily accessible emotional tool kit you will be prepared to handle any unexpected stress or triggering events.

The session will end with self-reflection homework to increase mindfulness, reduce stress, and action steps to take towards the life you want. 

You will leave each session feeling better, clearer, self-empowered and ready to focus on the areas of your life you want to change or enhance.

Want more information?

Check out my FAQ's

or email to book a complimentary conversation

What do I recommend?

Most women come for 10 to 15 sessions.

We identify your goals, and what is happening in your life right now that is causing your unhappiness, and what you want to be different.

What specific life areas, situations, past traumas, or health concerns that have underlying negative self beliefs that need to be transformed.

Each session we will work towards uncovering the layers of self doubt, blame, shame, or grief to find the root cause of your unhappiness, and change the underlying beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours.

Often there are many layers that need to be revealed to understand why your life is the way it is.

In the first three sessions we will gain clarity of the root causes of your issues, identify self-limiting beliefs, and understand your personal road blocks to healing. We can begin the transformation of those beliefs and

reduce your immediate stress levels. 

"Before making the choice to attend I thought it was extremely interesting as I already had a very simple understanding of this style of work. I was curious to learn more and see what it could do for me.

The only thing holding me back was the money aspect. I didn’t want to invest money into something I wasn’t sure was going to be helpful. Boy was I wrong - and I am currently saving up to be able to attend again!


I realized that what I was doing to help myself wasn’t working and I needed a change.

Money is just money. My mind is so much more important to me.

The most important positive outcome I have experience is learning to forgive myself and go easy on myself, as well as motivating myself to do certain things, like colouring and learning to ferment foods.

Dianna's teaching style is incredible. It has taught me that your body and subconscious are so

much smarter than anyone could ever imagine. Trust yourself." ~ Cheylynn