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On-line only starting April 1, 2020


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Group Sessions

Groups are now virtual through Zoom

and will resume when the Health Department authorizes.

The Self Discovery Centre will be launching November 8, 2020

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Workshops are now virtual through Zoom and will resume when the Health Department authorizes.

On November 8, 2020 workshops will be offered in the membership community of The Self Discovery Centre.

I use a variety of proven methods, techniques and activities
to provide you with an opportunity 
to learn about the mystery of being you.
During individual sessions we explore the root causes of your pain and unhappiness.
We will uncover your personal roadblocks, stressors and traumas,
and then find the fastest and most effective way to transform whatever arises.
With each session you will learn coping tools to help you quickly
reduce your stress and increase your life satisfaction.

If you haven't experienced group healing I encourage you to.
Specifically because you will discover you are not alone in your personal struggle. 
Many women have powerful learning experiences and are able to open up for the first time
and share their pain in the comforting circle of other women
who have experienced similar trauma and emotional wounding.
Unless otherwise indicated, group sessions are approximately two hours long,
once a week for three to six weeks.
Depending upon the topic there may be a maximum number of participants.
 Usually the group is closed to new members after the first session.
This structure allows optimum time for the safe sharing of 'aha!' moments
and builds connections with other group members.

Focused on a specific topic, workshops are a wonderful way to explore the surface
or safely dive deeper into learning about yourself and others in a like-minded community.
Workshop topics are near and dear to the feminine heart and expanded through activities that are experiential,
thought provoking, fun, and always surprising!

Learn why you think, feel, and act the way you do ...
then discover ways to unlearn anything that is harmful, sabotaging or counterproductive.  
You will come away with self-discoveries and personal insights plus
powerful new tools for your emotional toolkit.  

When you invest the time and energy in your SELF and WELL BEING
you will be amazed how much better your life will become.
One of my key convictions is that we are better able to heal ourselves when we understand
the root cause of what is making us unhappy, unhealthy, and causing us emotional and physical distress.
From that philosophy comes my guiding healing principle:
  the need for self-reflection which I call The Art of Self-Reflection.
​Why do I believe self-reflection is important?
Why is self-reflection an art?

Each activity or modality I teach or use has been tested and chosen as
the quickest way to facilitate life change.
The importance of self-reflection revealed itself to me many years ago
when I combined my training and education with my counselling experience 
and personal knowledge of pivotal healing transformations.
During my healing journey the core element of successful change began with observing
the chain reaction of how my thoughts led to behaviours and then to choices.
Those choices led to positive or negative outcomes in my daily life.
From these reflections I gained a keen awareness of how each thought
and its resulting domino effect on my choices affected and controlled my reality.
I saw how even small choices such as what I ate or which driving route I took home,
right up to big ones about money, relationships and careers, unfolded for me. 
I began to see patterns in my thoughts and choices and how they had
a profound impact on my life happiness or unhappiness.
Sometimes I could control my thoughts and sometimes I couldn't.
For example, in certain situations or with certain people my thoughts were hijacked
and I behaved in ways and experienced emotions I didn't like and didn't want to have.
During those times I became powerless to stop my thoughts or actions.
It felt like an outside force was controlling me. 
The resulting self blame and self shame was at times was overwhelming. 
This awareness led me to question how my thoughts related to my emotions.
I learned the process was not random but directly related to my beliefs
and how I perceived myself in my world.
The end result was an acute understanding
of what triggered my emotional responses of sadness, anger, and frustration.
I learned my responses were based
on my emotional, physical and spiritual needs that weren't being met.
I concluded with a new found knowledge and ability 
of how to change my response to each trigger or situation.
The feelings of powerlessness stopped as I changed my self-limiting beliefs to self-empowering beliefs. 

Throughout this process I used many techniques, modalities, and researched many more.
The traditional talk therapy I was trained in – understanding SELF in context to OTHERS
in order to identify issues  did not work quickly enough for me.  I searched for a faster way to relieve stress,
break down mental blocks, and stop the perpetual, unrelenting memory loops of
traumatic memories that invaded my mind and caused counter-productive reactions and responses. 
I would read, research, discuss, walk, journal… I was determined to find solutions.

Years later I was thrilled to discover how the emerging fields of Energy Psychology and
Somatic Therapy considered the mind-body connection and subconscious beliefs in a holistic way.
 The word “soma” is a Greek word which means living body.  
We now know that our mind and body holds onto and stores past traumas which manifest themselves
in physical and mental conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, physical and
emotional pain, immune system dysfunction, and more. 
Once the root or cause of the self-limiting belief or traumatic memory is uncovered and identified,
the emotional and physical pain can be transformed and released.
I am confident that through Somatic Therapy,
and learning and practicing the Art of Self-Reflection, you will find the healing you seek. 
It will release you from your physical and emotional burdens, break your negative thought patterns,
and get you off that hamster wheel of life stress.
And now…this is where the Art in the Art of Self-Reflection comes in.
The dictionary defines an art as “a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation.”
Self-Reflection is defined as “careful thought about your own behavior and beliefs”.
So, The Art of Self-Reflection can be defined as:
“the acquired skills gained through experience, study and observation,
which are needed to practice careful thought about your own behavior and beliefs”.
I have done the research for you and condensed many modalities and therapies
to help you quickly solve the mystery of YOU. 
Together we will identify what needs to be healed and transformed so you can feel with joy “I love my life!”
You will learn to understand yourself and your relationship to all the aspects of your life: 
people, finances, health, romantic relationships, family, and career.
In individual or group settings we will create your own Art of Self-Reflection when we:
  • Take an honest and fearless look at how your beliefs, thoughts, behaviours,
    and choices have created your current reality.
  • Learn why you have particular beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.​
  • Transform your self-limiting beliefs to self-empowering beliefs through
    somatic activities and proven somatic techniques.
  • Create action steps you can take to move towards the life you want.
You must be ready for the challenge and willing to be vulnerable and face the fears that
have been stopping you from having the life you want and deserve.
Is confronting your fears and feeling vulnerable worth it?

I think so! Because life is too short.
How many more days, weeks and years are you willing to live an unfulfilled, unhappy existence
filled with pain and traumatic memories?
If you don’t start on the path to happiness today, when will you?
Whether you
believe you can,
or believe you can't...
You are right.
~ Henry Ford
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~ Henry Ford

Life doesn't happen to you ...

it responds to you