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Welcome to the change you are seeking
You are in the right place if you have been asking yourself...
How can I be happier and less stressed?
How can I feel better about myself and my life?
How can I love myself more?
How do I find what is missing in my life?
How do I get over all the stuff that happened to me in my childhood?
How do I trust again after my sexual assault?
How do I stop hating my body?
If you are looking for answers and are ready for change...
You have found the right place.
If you are ready to learn how your past has created your present...
If you are ready to begin your journey of self-discovery and healing...
You have found the right place.
If you don't know why your life is the way it is
I encourage you to connect with me
And learn how I can help you make the life changes you seek.
Hi, I am Dianna Lee Graves.
I help women
 who are unhappy with themselves and their stressful lives
and want to change but don't know how.
I guide women
 who have experienced childhood wounding,
sexual violation, and negative life events, 
through a gentle and powerful healing process 
so they can transform and release their pain and stress 
and find the happiness and joy they crave.
I show you how
to find the root cause of your unhappiness and stress.
to transform your self-limiting beliefs.
to identify your self sabotaging behaviours...
So you can uncover and discover your happiness.
I teach you how
to use your emotions as a guidance system.
to respond in emotionally healthy ways
instead of reacting negatively and increasing your stress.
to calm your anxiety in any situation.
to achieve balance through effective coping strategies.
Together we will
Go through a gentle and powerful process of self discovery
that will empower you
so you can create and live the life you want!
You may have been on your healing journey for quite awhile and are
 discouraged because you have read many self help books, tried talk therapy, yoga, meditation, and journaling. But you still find it difficult to stay happy, healthy,
and balanced for more than a brief period of time.
You may be wondering what you are doing wrong,
or you may feel inherently broken and un-fixable
Well, you aren't doing anything wrong and you are not broken.
In fact, you are doing everything you think you should do
 because you are determined to have a better life.
You are determined to feel better about yourself so you can have a better 
relationship with yourself and everyone around you.
You are determined to be happy and find a way to stop unhappy stress.
But, it takes more than just determination.
I have been where you are, and I understand what it feels like.
I understand the never ending search and constant negative self talk ... 
"Through my many years of silent struggles and quiet desperation
I searched for the answers to the mystery of being me. 
My perseverance, in combination with years of formal education,
training, practice, and work experience with women and youth at risk
gave me deep insight into how childhood wounds and trauma affect us as adults.
With never ending determination, floods of tears,
pages of hand-cramping journal writing, hours of talking, countless modalities,
miles of walking, a variety of eastern and western practices,
many retreats, groups, and 100+ self-help books
I had a much better understanding of myself, my choices, and my
behaviours that had shaped my life. 
I uncovered what was keeping me stuck
and learned how to move forward one step at a time.
And then, with specific somatic techniques
I learned how to take giant leaps to break free.
I learned how my life was created by my thoughts.
More importantly, that my thoughts were created and influenced 
 by my core beliefs of:
I am unworthy
I am unlovable
I can't ever be happy
I can't rely on anyone but myself
"Ultimately, I learned how my self-limiting beliefs were creating my
self-sabotaging behaviours and leading me to a self fulling prophecy."
"And then I learned that to be whole
I needed to heal myself holistically - body, mind and soul."
So, I did.
It took me many years to learn how to create a happy, stress free, and balanced life,
and I want you to achieve your happy life in much less time.
I have taken all that I've learned, studied, and experienced, and combined it with 
the science of psychology and the brain, somatic therapy, and holistic spirituality,
to provide you with a palette of proven modalities. 
If you are ready to invest the time and energy to finally
move through and release your emotional wounds and buried memories
so you can feel happy again, or maybe even for the first time ...
Connect with me for a free half hour call and find out if we are are good fit.
What are your self limiting beliefs?
How are they related to your unhappiness and stress?
What are your self sabotaging behaviours that are keeping you stuck in
the same old place, instead of where you want to be?
And what is your subconscious self fulfilling prophecy of your life?
Allow me to help you easily figure out where you are and where you want to go. 
Together we will use somatic (mind-body) therapy techniques
to holistically listen to your body, mind, and soul
to learn what is missing in your life.
And we will answer all the "hows" along with the "whys" and "whens"
so you won't ever feel stuck, emotionally numb, and helpless again.
Finally, you will be free from childhood wounds, emotional scars, 
traumatic experiences and negative life events.
You'll stop repeating the same patterns of behaviour again and again.
You'll become empowered to create the life you want.
And understand your stress.
And use effective coping skills.
And make peace with your emotions.
And be happy.
It sounds simple, and it works.
Because no matter how hard you have tried to bury or ignore your
painful past experiences they will always emerge from your subconscious mind
through your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours.
Often unexpectedly and in ways you don't want.
But you already know that.
Your negative self talk and self-limiting beliefs
will not go away on their own
because they should be gone with all the things you have been doing
to help yourself.
My experience, education, and training has taught me
that to reduce stress and increase happiness...
we need to understand the stories we are telling ourselves,
 the stories of who we are and what we are in our lives,
 the stories of who we believe we are because of what has happened to us.
You need to transform the thoughts that are created by your
'personal judge' and 'victim voices' that narrate your stories.
Once you uncover those and transform them
you will quickly discover and cast off all the other self-limiting beliefs
that are holding you back from creating the life you want.
If you want to feel better tomorrow, start making changes today.
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what is wrong with me ?

how can I stop being this way?

why is this happening again?

when will my life change?

why am I so unhappy?

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Three generations of women
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     Start here ~ 
     Get your journal right now,
     make a cup of tea
     and answer these questions:
  1. Do I deserve to be happy?
  2. Is it safe to be happy?
  3. Do I want to be happy?
  4. Who would I be if I allowed myself to be happy?
  5. What would my life be like if I allowed myself to be happy?
  6. How would it feel to rise each morning and get out of bed feeling happy, stress free, and empowered, instead of dreading another pain filled and unfulfilling day?
Contact me for a free half hour chat
and share your answers with me
Writing by the Water
I specialize in working with women who have...
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Childhood wounding and trauma

"I had a difficult childhood and have emotional wounds and scars that I suspect are holding me back and keeping me stuck"


I feel unlovable, unwanted, numb, overwhelmed, stressed, alone.

I believe:

  • I will be hurt if I let my guard down.

  • Other people are more important than I am.

  • No one supports and encourages me.

  • I don't deserve to be happy.

I want to:

  • understand my emotions

  • understand my relationships

  • stop my negative self talk

  • stop constantly seeking approval and learn how to love myself.

Stressed Woman

Chronic Stress from

negative life events

"I have so much stress from negative life events that have really affected me physically and emotionally. Nothing I have tried has helped me move through my pain, anxiety and stress, and I don't know what else to do". 

I feel helpless, discouraged, confused, overwhelmed, stressed, alone.

I believe:

  • I will never be healthy again

  • Nothing I do will make it go away

  • No one understands me

  • I will never be happy.

I want to:

  • stop my stress

  • understand why this is happening to me

  • not be affected by my past 

  • learn how to cope better and move beyond this

Female Portrait

Past or recent

sexual violation 

"I have been sexually assaulted which has left me emotionally scarred, wounded, and sometimes triggered during physical intimacy.

I struggle with body issues and sometimes disassociation. The memory is holding me back from living my life".

I feel damaged, powerless,

shameful, voiceless, stressed, alone.

I believe:

  • Somehow it was my fault

  • I should have stopped it

  • No one will believe me

  • I will never get over this and be happy again.

I want to:

  • understand how it affected me

  • feel safe in my body and world

  • reconnect with my body and feelings

  • stop my suffering and heal myself so I can feel whole again.