Kind words from clients and participants

I was drawn to being part of the Life in Balance course because I needed community and already felt connected to the ladies from being in the other course.

And it helped so much because of covid and not having contact with people. For me it was a big deal to make a connection and to work on myself. The time helped me stay connected and feel like part of a community and it still continues, which I appreciate.

This class had me discover that I need to focus on myself and my house right now. And really helped me to slow down the monkey mind and be focused on what it is I am about to do, whether short or long term and stay focused. 

Small steps allowed me to get it done and be kind to myself over a longer period of time – so I was not so tired when I was done. 

This course really helped me not waste my time over-thinking and just be in the moment. I don’t feel the stress I used to feel. My mindset has changed now due to setting times and sticking to it and the tools and strategies I learned.

~ Novelette from Ontario, Canada ~ Winter 2020


The experience of being in the Self Discovery Sisterhood has been overall awesome as there is such value in belonging to a community.

I was comfortable to share which surprised me! And I also didn't mind being on camera as much as I thought I would. It is great to see others progress, and now know I am not the only one who wants their life to be better. 

And it's great to find like minded people even though we are at different stages. 

I went a long time on my own and tried to get through my life while not being okay to have others around me living in misery, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. 

Now, being surrounded with others who want to grow is awesome. It's great to know that I am not the only one who feels this way and wants my life to be better. I am no longer worrying about the future because I know freedom is within myself.

Kim from Ontario, Canada ~ Winter 2020

Participating in the Warrior Heart Course has made a huge impact in the way I think and process negative emotions. Learning from Dianna has been so safe – she is able to create such a safe and positive space to open up, learn, grow, and expand. I’m thankful for her ability to listen and to gently guide me to a healthier place. I was surprised by how easy the practice is to learn and use. I resolved to let go of old patterns and to stop making up damaging stories.

Dianna allowed me to see how I was getting in my own way and the other women in the course helped me to open up, share, see that I am not alone, that we all struggle and also have great resilience.

I would recommend the Warrior Heart Practice course because it can really make a difference and Dianna is masterful at presenting it.

~ C.B., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada ~ Spring 2020

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Being in this Circle has been such a pleasure. I'm so thankful for the connections I made and the time I was able to spend just listening and learning about others and myself. I was surprised by how easy it was to feel comfortable and to share openly. Being in community with other women, even at a distance, was very intimate and nourishing. The experience has shown me how important taking intentional time every week for myself truly is. I intend to continue this practice and to continue exploring myself. I would recommend this circle to anyone feeling disconnected or who needs accountability to themselves to put some time and work into healing and growing.

Learning alongside Dianna and the other women has been a better experience than I could have imagined and I am so grateful to her for creating this space and practice, and to myself for following through.

~ Jennifer Avis, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada ~ Spring 2020. 

My experience with Dianna was incredible. She is super personable and in tune with me and my issues I was looking to overcome. She helped me overcome a number of my road blocks that were affecting my everyday life. Body image, work, relationships. She put so much time and effort into myself and what I needed and it was just what I needed. Working with Dianna has been effortless. She is easy to talk to and extremely non judgmental. She relates to everything going on in your life on a personal level and is extremely knowledgeable on how to help you overcome any road blocks. She allowed me to heal my relationship with myself. She taught me it is okay to be patient with yourself and forgive yourself easily. Dianna is an extremely in tune, smart, kind person. She is extremely knowledgeable in the practices she does. I am incredibly thankful for the time she put into me and my roadblocks. Each session was so uplifting and gave you a sense of hope for the future. I now feel like I have the tools to handle the situations that have troubled me. Even though sometimes the tool box doesn’t always get opened I have learned how to be kind to myself and forgive my mistakes easily. I know that the universe has more for me and to keep going with anything I want to achieve. I loved her knowledge of PSYCH-K and EFT. Even though I went in with a simple knowledge of PSYCH-K and EFT I was so thrilled to be able to learn more about it and experience it myself. I will now move forward into learning more about it as she has opened my eyes to a whole new style of living.

I would 100% recommend Dianna to anyone that is struggling with absolutely anything. Don’t hesitate!


Cheylynn from Hastings, Ontario Canada ~ Winter 2020

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"Being in Circle has been amazing. It has allowed me to explore parts of myself I never would on a regular basis. Dianna is wonderful. The way she teaches is so great. The coping strategies and groundings and visualizations are so easy to understand and continue outside of Circle. She gives you a safe, loving, no judgement environment to work through anything you need to. And the other ladies have become my tribe, my people, friends for life.

I’m so glad I decided to take the chance and opportunity presented to me. Dianna is amazing!"

Meghan A, Peterborough Ontario, Canada ~ Summer 2019

"Dianna has been nothing shy of wonderful. She made me feel safe to be vulnerable in her space. She has helped me overcome some mental roadblocks that were keeping me from moving forward in my life in a way that was gentle, caring, and empowering. She treated me with compassion as we walked through my past traumas together. She believed in me and my ability to find the light at the end of my tunnel and encouraged me to get there.

Without Dianna, I would still be stuck. Because of her gracious services I found healing for mind and my heart. If you are feeling stuck and helpless, Dianna can help you find your way!"

~Telsi S, Peterborough Ontario, Canada  ~ Fall 2018


"Dianna introduced the method of tapping to me many years ago. My experiences with her have helped me out through my emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Each session has helped me let go of pain that I have held onto for years, without even knowing it.

She is a very easy and trustworthy person to talk to, very reliable, and has guided me on the path of self care and love". 

~ K.G., Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada ~ Fall 2018

"My experience with Dianna is something that helped me turn my whole life around for the better. From being caught in the middle of my parents messy divorce and soon after losing my mother to cancer at only age eleven, she taught me many ways of coping with the trauma and eventually to heal. This allowed me to develop a stable sense of self as well as develop higher self esteem as she taught me how to love my self. Seeing her on and off for many years, I can say she directed me down a path of emotional, spiritual and psychological growth and health, somewhere I never thought I would be. I would recommend Dianna for anyone trying to deepen their understanding of themselves and their life, as well as looking for any type personal growth . She has been an enormous help for me and others in my life.

I’m so blessed to have met a women like her."

~ A.M.R., Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada ~ Fall 2018

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"From the moment I started working with Dianna I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed when speaking with her. I was hesitant about talking to someone again after my first experiences with therapy being both unsuccessful and ineffective. However, this completely disappeared after just a few minutes spent with Dianna. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the services she offers and was able to help me resolve my biggest anxieties and worries in just a few sessions. Dianna introduced me to new tactics for coping with my negative thoughts that worked wonders and I am so thankful for this.

I utilize the skills I learned during my time with her almost every day and I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for any kind of counselling services".
~ H.P., Ottawa Ontario, Canada ~ Summer 2018

"Dianna’s skills as a healer are amazing.

I had fallen into a serious emotional slump after several traumatic events that happened during a short period of time. For two and a half years I coped as best I could.  I was depressed, but I hid it from my friends and family. I tried traditional ‘talk therapy’ but it just didn’t work for me.  

When I began working with Dianna she opened up a whole new world of healing that I didn’t know about.  With Dianna’s guidance and insight, and by using her somatic healing techniques, I began to feel stronger, happier, and more positive after every session. 

Now I rise every day filled with energy and enthusiasm for life again!  Thank you Dianna!".  
~ G.P., Peterborough Ontario, Canada ~ Summer 2018